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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

When food and fashion collide

This is not another fashion blog, but food and fashion often collide (not talking about the food stains on my clothes). The biggest collision for me is my expanding waistline, which collides with the really short shorts I want to wear.

You recall my woes of how used to be thin (I'm not talking about being a size 2 when I was a zero - wanna slap those whinny girls), so when I go shopping I still picture thin me in clothes (No, don't look in the mirror much). So I see the uber trendy boyfriend jeans on a celebrity and go try on a pair. In my mind I should look something like the celebrity, right? I did, minus a few things (long legs, svelte body, poise) and with a few things (tummy, thighs, crocs). 

So to give those of us, according to Bridget Jones, who will always just be a little (or alot) chubby more time to eat another cronut. Here is my recipe to update your wardrobe for the cooler season.

Cooler Wardrobe Update (serves just about anyone)


We all need a little TLC to keep warm
Mr Price (part of a set of 3)

The Owl trend - Love the twirling body of this owl

While feathers are trending. I still prefer this little feathered friend

Pop of pastel colour (no longer confined to winter) in my fav scarf, the snood
Cotton On (available in other colours)

 Lurv the wide bottom to hide my tummy
Cotton On (available in other colours)

Tea Length heart printed skirt (don't have to shave your legs all the way. Can I get an amen)
Mr Price

A trendy update on one of my fashion staples (Hides a multitude of sins)
Mr Price

 Edgy looking tights - Perfect to elongate short legs (hobbit genes)
Mr Price

The pleated skirt - Glam version of a classic making a comeback (slims tummy)
Mr Price (on sale nogal)

Ankle lace ups- very vesatile (slims chubby ankles)
Mr Price

Quilted knee length boot - Comfy version of a hot trend (flats are friends)


1. I like to wear neutrals with a flash of  colour in the form of a snood perhaps
2. Incorporate 1 trend item in your outfit If you are uncertain on how to wear it
3.  If you think you look fat, you do. Lack of confidence is the biggest fashion faux pas.

(Okay, okay. I know you want your food fix. Watch this space later tonight.)

What are your fashion staples to get your lumps under control?

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