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Friday, 18 April 2014

What's Cooking at the Women's Lifestyle Expo

It's not often that I get to go to something that is just for us girls (Always my kids, luggage, snacks and the cat in tow). I literally jumped for joy when I saw all the ads for the Women's Lifestyle Expo (even told hubby it was Ladies Only! A little white lie never killed anyone). I decided to go first thing Friday morning, having spent the entire week being sick with 2 sick kids and hubby out of town (at the least the cat was in good health) , so I don't miss anything (always one to be "voor op die wa").

This weekends must have accessory

The food at these types of expo are usually generic (Just good enough to fill your tummy), but I was pleasantly surprised at what was on offer. I found exhibitors were passionate, knowledgeable, enthusiastic masters of their respective crafts (it also helped that it tasted really good)

Leaine only uses quality ingredients for her heavenly treats. I expected her wares to taste like cardboard, even though they looked divine, so I bought take away. I expected to only taste the treats but ended up finishing the red velvet before you can say sugar free.
www.sweetlikecandi.com - Sugar free, gluten free and even diabetic friendly (Can I get a Whoop, Whoop) 

Yummy organic cocoa, chocolaty goodness. Heinrich is so passionate about his products that you want to buy one of everything (and you have this divine display giving you a come hither stare)
www.cocoafair.com - Takes the word "slab" to a whole new level

Lyn's Luscious cakes
letthemeatcake@cakediva.co - Too pretty to eat

A terrific trio of colourful, flavourful eats that cater for all palates

Vagabond Kitchen - Mouthwatering presentation ( I highly recommend the Moroccan Style chickpea and roast butternut on the left)  

Vagabond - Flat bread with Sun dried tomato pesto, topped with cherry tomatoes, chives, feta, avo, rocket and thyme infused balsamic glaze (what a mouthful)

So this is the guy I lost my virginity to at the expo (talk about extra perks)
Hot Oyster Boys (What? They offer Tabasco)

Oyster virginity people (What were you thinking? I'm a married woman! Love you hun)
Raw Oysters 

Before - Apprehensive, scared, qweezy

 During - Interesting. Not bad.
My fab make up courtesy of free make overs at NYX

So get your ass over there for an all round fabulous expo.


  1. Hi Fathima, thank you for the lovely kind words! I'm so utterly chuffed that you enjoyed my treats :D Best regards, Leaine

  2. Hi Fathima, thank you for the lovely kind words. I'm utterly chuffed that you enjoyed my treats :) Best regards, Leaine

  3. My pleasure. They were divine!