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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Cutting Edge (Product review)

A knife was always just a knife to me. You sharpen when blunt and buy a replacement when you need a new one. I always thought the sharper the knife the more dangerous it was (cue Psycho music). I could never understand why I struggled with knife skills or had a sore hand after alot of chopping ( Always thought my chubby hands were just unfit, like the rest of my chubby body).

On my journey to becoming a chef (that's Master chef bitches. I really want the hat) I've learnt about the importance of the right knife for the job. So I made a stop at the knife masters workshop to see if I could be helped (my poor chubby hands).

Cirtex supplies most restaurants, catering businesses and cooking schools. I was pleasantly surprised when the big guy himself gave me one on one assistance. Andre took me through a variety of knives, even opening new stock so I could get a feel for the knife (he just short of offered me a cutting board and some onions!).

The knife I eventually settled on was light and such a perfect fit that it felt like an extension of my hand. Using it has been an absolute pleasure and the scalloping helped me glide effortlessly through onions and cheese, without resistance (I'm probably gonna send the rest of my knives into retirement). He even offers a free knife sharperning service for knives purchased from him.

I also got my new best friend a stunning coat (okay, I know it's a magnetic knife cover).

I was like a kid in a candy store and wanted to buy every other type of knife they had, but I really fell in love with this set (hint, hint for future birthday present hubby)

Andre and his trusty elves can be found at the Good Food and wine show or you can Google him.

(Gotta go now, miss my knife.)


  1. Thanks Fathima, it was nice to have you in our showroom! Enjoy your products!

  2. I am and you will see me again