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Saturday, 5 April 2014

All hail the Cronut ( Belle's Patisserie Review)

The Cronut was the number one food trend states side last year. It at first sounded to me like something you would find at the hardware store (definitely not in a patisserie). It's a cross between a doughnut and croissant (you had me at deep fried pastry).

South Africans tend to be more traditional and safe in our sweet treats, so it has been a mission finding the elusive Cronut, not to be be confused with the crowbar (get your mind out of the toolbox). 

I am currently holidaying in Gauteng (I ask myself why too. I am after all from the best city, Cape Town) and I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Joburg's Choice reigning cupcake queen and Joburg's Choice for best patisserie in 2012 (Thanks Sherry), Belle's Patisserie.

Blink and you would miss this little gem situated in Sandton City (so keep your eyes wide open or your mouth will hate you forever). The selection of cakes looks pretty ordinary, but when I heard they served Cronuts ( I tried the custard one, Yum.) I had to have one. The Cronut was ligh & buttery with all that yummy donut taste (warning: one is not enough). It was easy to understand why it hopped a plain from Paris and took the US by storm.

I also tried the rainbow and caramel cakes.

The rainbow cake was a visual and taste bud feast, while the caramel cake was creamy and flavorful. The cakes are are extremely rich and a doggy bag is highly recommended.

The patisserie's staff were friendly and very helpful, but there were far to few tables to satisfy the cult like following that they've developed. It lacked it's own atmosphere, being defined more as a kiosk in the bustling centre. They are also halaal certified (Yay). There were a divine variety of cakes, cupcakes & pastries and it was extremely difficult not to go all gluttonous (and order everything on the menu). These delicious cakes made with the quality ingredients more than justify the slightly higher than normal prices.

An ideal place to visit for quick, sweet pick me up or a light meal (should be added in to must sees in Joburg). I am definitely decadently addicted to Belle's Patisserie (please come to CT).

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