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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Beet the Burger (Woodie's Review)

"One burger. No tomato, onion, lettuce, garnish or cheese, please." 
"That's just the burger patty and bun?"
"You sure?" 
This is my standard burger order (Yes, seriously. I keep it clean).

So word on the street is that the best burger place in the world has opened at the V&A food market. Now I had been through that market, the wares look really good and it has a good reputation. I decide to give it a try. 

 Hey! Where's (the) Buzz? 
Woodies - 1st floor, V&A Market on the Wharf
(strictly halaal)

Now a massive compliment to any eatery, is if the people around you support you. I arrive at Woodie's in the wake of lunch rush (I hate waiting) and I place my order (straight off the menu, GASP. Living on the edge!). As I wait I observe that most of the other orders are for fellow food market stalls (Neighbourly support is always a good sign) 

Your burger is prepared in front of you. Even the patty is made in front of you (At Warp speed. No pressure Scotty)

The Bondi (Too big to fit in my mouth)
- white bun, beef patty, beetroot (Genius. Old fav), mozzarella, cheddar, lettuce, onions and tomato 

This burger was full bodied, chewy, cheesy, messy and really nearly the best damn burger I have ever had (My mouth is watering just thinking about it). Put it on a bigger, toasted bun and it will be the best damn burger I have ever had (Hint, hint.)

Jughead would definitely approve.

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