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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Proudly South African (Sticky Chicken - quickie recipe)

Long weekends make me lazy, because they're usually filled with invites to weddings and parties, which means no cooking, yay! (Did I say that out loud? I have my off days too.) I tend look for quickie recipes when it's back to business , with minimal prep (Cue Woolies). 

This recipe has changed so much over time that I don't quite remember where it started. I think everyone can identify with chucking some spices and bits of all the sauces you own into your marinade and hoping for the best (Hint, hint hubby). Voila, a gorgeous dish emerges and you pretend you meant to do that all along, but then can't quite remember what you threw in, in the first place! (and you promise to send everyone the recipe. No pressure.) Chef school has taken me back to those days. All the new spices, flavours and techniques I'm discovering are taking me back to the beginning (and when chef asks what I spiced my dish with I can't promise him an email with the recipe). In the words of Coldplay "I'm going back to the start" and I think our politicians should try this too. This dish is dedicated to them.

Proudly South African Sticky Chicken (serves 4 - 5)


2 tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 teaspoons chicken spice (with salt) 
2 tablespoons Mrs Balls Original chutney (substitute with raw honey for a healthier option)
2 tablespoons Nando's Hot Marinade

1 x Free Range Pack skinned drums and thighs (approximately 800g)
1 x 300g carrot batons
1 x Gem Squash Halves 6 pack

Woolworths - All ready for action!


1. Add spice, chutney and marinade to chicken

Marinated chicken (Now, now. there's enough for everyone)

2. Add olive oil to pot or deep pan 

Olive oil in pan (from the fire to the frying pan)

3. Heat oil on high heat and add chicken to brown

Get your sizzle on

4. Remove from heat once browned and turn stove down to medium heat
50 Shades of brown (To suit everyone's taste buds)

5. Quickly add carrots

What's up Doc?

6. And squash

It's finally coming together

7. Return to heat and add 30mls warm water

8. Simmer on medium heat for 30 minutes till chicken is done.

Proudly South African Sticky Chicken

Don't be surprised if you start singing the national anthem.

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