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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Cronuts Wars (quickie review)

The elusive cronut swam it's way and landed somewhere in South Africa. Now logic would dictate that it would land in CT (can it be?)

Bakery situated in Claremont

I arrive breathless at Coimbra (only bakery goods are halaal) only to be informed that there are only 2 flavours left, cinnamon sugar a strawberries & cream.

Cronut or a disguised doughnut?

The strawberries and cream filling was perfect (tart and rich). The cronut was an absolute disappointment. It was dense and more 90% doughnut tasting. So I would say okay (I'm being kind) tasting doughnut, but definitely not a cronut. 

Which begs the question, when is Belle's Patisserie (home of the SA cronut) coming to Cape Town?

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