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Saturday, 3 May 2014

You've been Blogged (Root 44 Market)

I have fond memories of the old Grand Parade market when I was a child (yes, in the Jurassic age). The unique wares, bustling, vibey atmosphere and the fresh, delicious food (I think I've mentally blocked out the flies). Then came the era of the mall and we embraced it because of it's clinical, clean look (and clean toilets). The markets themselves were replaced by flea markets selling generic, cheap, imported products (20 stalls selling the latest bomber jacket. Don't hate I used to work at a stall like that)

The past 7 years or so has seen the rise of the local markets. Most notably the Old Biscuit Mill which has completely metamorphosised the area into the artsy hub of Cape Town (still can't get use to seeing white people in Woodstock. What? I grew in up in pre-1994 Cape Flats. Seeing a whitey was like seeing a white rhino in the street).


Ya I know that this market has been around for a while but I always thought it was so far (It is, but worth the beautiful drive). I planned on staying an hour or 2. I ended up staying about 6 hours (my poor long suffering husband).

Here are my top picks from the market

All this food for only R140 and it tasted really good (I'm such an indian)
Baba Tunisia - chicken wrap, beef schwarma and vegetarian chickpea roti with falafel (strictly halaal)

Cheesecake brownies with Oreos (Never mind Root 44, I was on cloud 9)
Truly Scrumptious - Home of the best freaking brownies 

Red Velvet Brownies, seriously. This is genius.
Truly Scrumptious - Home of the best freaking brownies (no pork or alcohol in products)

My 21 month old daughter led us to this stall about 4 times (Love the look)
Candy Shop

2 for R75 (I think I'll take my savings and buy more brownies)

This is so innovative

These place mats are so rustic and green(+++++). Made with recycled wood. 

Unique, one of a kind, quirky plates. (She only makes 1 of each and makes to order)

Pack in the kids, the dog and hubby (maybe some padkos too) and head down to to Root 44.

PS: Don't forget to take the train -car ride (Just make sure you have a kid with you so you don't look too weird).

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