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Friday, 16 May 2014

Sumptuous Sevruga (Review)

I don't remember what it's like to have a warm meal anymore or to just focus on what's happening on my plate. To not have to trade my piece of chicken with my son (because your chicken looks better mom) just to keep the peace. Or to have my mouth checked by my baba because apparently it looks better in my mouth than on her plate.

Needless to say we keep 'dining out' strictly to eating places with play areas (All praise Spur) or even better, drive-thrus. Occasionally I get to play a grown up and go on dinner dates with a friend of mine who shows me a world  beyond play areas and with real napkins. 

So one fateful Friday night we made a date try Sevruga's, but as luck would have it we get saddled with the kids and husbands (no offence guys, we love you ;)) 

With 2 crazy kids in tow I truly expected to be 'gated'

The crown in the logo is very appropriate because from the moment we walked into the door, till we left, we were all treated like royalty. The service was legendary and the food heavenly. (They didn't even bat an eyelid at my slightly unruly kids) The waiters danced around us like ballerinas and almost instantly disappearing, but always reappearing when we needed them. 

I preferred the chicken and didn't enjoy the duck dim sum. I will definitely try the beef, coriander, ginger next time. (The kids thoroughly devoured and enjoyed the dim sum.)

Complimentary Dim Sum. (Can you say yum yum?)

I had always been curious about the sous vide method and expected a dry, tough product. I found it to be tender and juicy, with the all the flavours penetrating the steak to it's core. I would recommend a sauce on the side though.
Medium Rib-eye, cooked sous vide, with garlic herb butter and free style fries

This dish tasted like home: The mash was smooth and creamy; the vegetables added a slightly charred dimension without being too overpowering; and finally the lamb, supple and succulent.
Slow-braised lamb shoulder, deboned and rolled, lamb reduction, buttered mashed and vegetables.

My biggest regret is not trying their famous Chocolate fondant with soft, oozing centre................

Sevruga, I will be back!

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