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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Tasteful Memories (Recipe Alert)

The kids and I are free this week to eat "fast foods" (Yippeee!), cause hubby is away on business (When the cat is away the mice will eat away). Now fast food for us are quickie dishes that dad wouldn't usually classify as a meal (wannabe foodie police). Our absolute favourite would have to be sticky cheese bread (as my son calls it when he requests it daily).

Growing up we called it toasted cheese and it's amazing how the smell of that cheese grilling brings back a flood of memories. Friday night TV lying on a mattress in the lounge, with bedtime extended to 9 (I definitely inherited that Military mom gene). Homemade guava juice because I don't like warm drinks (Mom always accommodated my crazy food quirks). My mom's sandwich maker which made perfectly sealed, triangular pockets of gooey cheese with a crispy cheese edging. 

Sticky Cheese Bread (serves 1)


2 slices of bread (buttered if you will be toasting in a pan)
1/3 cup grated Gouda (I only use Simonsberg)
1 T chopped tomato
2 t chopped onion
pinch of pepper


1. Spread the cheese, tomato and onion evenly on your first slice (on the unbuttered side if you are using butter). Sprinkle pepper over

This makes a great healthy, quick pizza as well

2. Toast till browned in a sandwich press

Really Fast Food! (cheesy I know ;))