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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Food for thought

The past month has been horrendous for me and to top it off my 2 month old smartphone packs up. My cellphone is my diary, personal organizer, camera and has become my link to the world (now if I could just teach it to fetch my slippers)

Growing up we had a house phone less often than not and I cannot fathom how I survived (not the cordless type). I had an active social life with setting up social engagements and even a boyfriend (who was non existent as far as hubby is concerned). I was up to date on the latest goss (thanks to school   bathroom walls), fashion trends (street style) and daily faux paus (could never keep up though). Went to all the hot spots ( thanks Shereen) and successfully snuck out of the house often ( salaad always in washing machine as back up), I passed notes, had pen pals, wrote love letters and studied from my handwritten notes. I think I turned out pretty okay.

So needless to say I barely survived this month of technological curses and am finally back on track. 
Which means lots more posts and more food to think about.


  1. Shame I don' t know how you survived! I have been without internet for patches before and hated it! Looking forward to more blogs from you.

    1. Thanks hun! And looking forward to more from you too!