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Saturday, 21 June 2014

How To Lose Your Heart (Life recipe alert)

Losing your heart is synonymous with falling in deep, all consuming, amorous love (the Romeo and Juliet kinda love). Meeting the man meant for you (even if your mom saw it first) and falling head over feet (like only Alanis can say it).Then somewhere along the line (planned or not) that love creates a little bun in the oven (no details, this is a family blog!).

So you're warned of the late nights, the diaper changes, advice on sleep routines, recipes.................., but no one warns you of the biggest challenge of all. Losing your heart. I once read that when your child is born your heart leaves your body and walks outside you (metaphorically of course) in the form of this beautiful baby ( yes I know he's 7 already). This love is all encompassing. You feel every scrape, joyful and sad tear. You see the world through the eyes of someone who's seeing absolutely everything for the first time. 

To my baby Iesa. This journey, that I'm a temporary passenger on, with you is an amazing, heart wrenching and inspiring roller coaster. Happy birthday and may all your heart's desires come true.

Raising little men (a mother's perspective)


1 x baby boy
1 x loving mom
3 cups of patience 
1 cup of perseverance
2 cups of trust 
2 cups of nurturing


1. Mix together with lots of strength and infinite love

2. Allow it to grow and occasionally add some discipline

Happy 7th birthday baby boy!

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