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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Pasghetti Pot (product review)

I love baby language. I know I should speak to my almost 2 year old in a grammatically correct manner (which are do most of the time Grammar Gastapo), but I just can't help myself. My favourites are lillipop instead of lollipop and off course pasghetti instead of spaghetti.

Pasghetti happens to be one of kids' favourite dishes. Al Dente and plain is the way the y like it. Sucking it in thru puckered lips and pretending that they're earthworms ends up in fits of laughter at mealtimes.

I've been noticing these special pasta pots lately, which are meant to make getting rid of the liquid easier. The one I bought is made by Agean. Not a household name, but durable and cost effective enough for a test.

Stocked at Checkers

I would usually take 1.5 liters of boiling water for me to cook half a packet of spaghetti, but with this pot I had to use 3 liters because the colander is a couple of centimeters from the base of the pot. This means more electricity to use more water and therefore not very environmentally friendly. The spaghetti also took a minute or two longer to cook than usual. 

The tilt mechanism worked quite well when I poured out the spaghetti water. The colander is removable on the plus side and there is also a handle for you to move the spaghetti to the sauce or a dish. The manufacturers should've however considered that the handle would be hot immediately after use. So I had to use a butter knife to move the handle upright and wait a minute or two for it to cool down.

The pasta pot idea is a good one, but it should come with different levels in which to attach colander, then it could also be used for a steaming. 

This product is not a good buy. Given the chance to return it I would. 

Do you have a similar product that you have tested? Please share your experiences with us.

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