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Friday, 12 September 2014

Something to Chew On (Oat Crunchie Recipe)

So you start dating and it's really hard to find the right person. You kiss some frogs before you find your prince. Then you pluck up the courage to talk your prince charming, flirt a bit, let him know you're interested or ask him out. First comes love, then comes marriage and sometimes a baby's carriage. Or something like that.

I remember reading a few years ago that making a new friend post school is harder than dating. Now I'm what they call an introvert. So every now and then I crawl out from under my rock, put down the book, switch off the tv, take off the PJs, get dressed, brush my hair and wipe the crumbs off my mouth. I venture into the crowd and attempt to 'socialise'. I laugh at jokes too loudly and interrupt people when they are speaking. All in all I'm just socially awkward and this has been compounded by being a stay at home mom. Yes I talk to the plants and to our pet rodents, but that hardly qualifies as conversation if they don't talk back. Then there's my 2 year old, but I haven't the faintest idea what she says 90% of the time. 

So back to making friends. Now in the article I read the author recounts how she successfully makes a coffee date with someone that she strikes up a conversation with at the gym. They seem to hit off. The next time she sees the woman at the gym she avoids her and doesn't return her texts. At least with a guy you can ask what went wrong. How do you ask a potential friend out without them running for the hills? I've tried, but barely seem to escape unscathed. And feel safer to climb back under my rock with my an Oat crunchie to chew on and contemplate my next venture into uncharted territory.  

Oat Crunchies 
source: Making The Best of Baking" Ramola Makan and Vanessa De Beer


500ml Oats
500ml Sugar
500ml Cake Flour
500ml Coconut
250g  Butter
50ml  Golden Sugar
5ml    Bicarbonate of Soda
30ml  Boiling water


1. Combine oats, flour, sugar and coconut

2. Melt butter and syrup together

3. Mix bicarb and water and stir into flour, etc. with butter and syrup. Mix well.

4. Press into greased 23 X 23 cm pan, using the back of a spatula.

Here I divided my mixture into. I added 100g choc chips to 1 batch and baked in a 17cm x 28cm casserole dish

and I added 125mls roughly chopped raw cashews to the other  and baked in a 17cm x 28cm casserole dish

5. Bake in an oven on 160 degrees celcius for 25 - 30 minutes for the bigger dish and 18 - 20 minutes for the smaller dish

6. Cool slightly then cut into squares. Store in a sealed container. 

Maybe I should take a batch of these to my next social swaray, a la Bree van De  Kamp style. 
What do you think?

Now if I could just master her social grace

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