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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Meet My New Breakfast Buddy (Low- GI recipe series)

You get to a point where you say enough! The point where your fat, fat clothes are tight! The point where your baby is officially a toddler (The "I just had a baby excuse" can't be used anymore).

So from today I have a new breakfast buddy. His name is Lowgi (yep like Low-GI)

Enough of my cheesy humour (you laughed right? Even though it was at me it still counts!).

I attended a talk a few years ago by Gabi Steenkamp (Like the Guru of Low GI). What I took away from the talk was that your plate should consist of a fist size of protein, a fist size of carbs and 2 fists of vegetables. Now I've never been the diet type person, but I always try and keep my meals healthy and allow myself 1 cheat a day. I know that sounds alot to the lay person, but to me that is like torture.

This is the start of my weekly series, something like CSI. (Cue Horatio, "Except all that dies here, is the fat.")

Lowgi Breakfast Buddy (serves 1)


1 x medium sized banana, Peeled and sliced
3 x tbsp low GI muesli (I use vital)
1/2 c low fat plain yogurt


1. Combine in a bowl and serve.

I must admit that my cravings were reduced by about 70%. I even had a block of chocolate just to test my resistance and didn't crave anymore. 

What meals or recipes help you keep the cravings at bay?


  1. Love this! So cute pic! And interesting about the info as well. I have a book of hers since my hubby is diabetic.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. LOL. You are too kind. You should do a guest post for me then.