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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Cheat vs Gourmet White Sauce

There are times when it's okay to cheat (like rewarding yourself with chocolate, cause the cocoa bean is a vegetable, when you're on a diet). And there times when when it's not okay to cheat (using cheap chocolate in chocolate brownies. Come on use the good stuff).

I'm always looking for quick, but delicious shortcuts when it comes to cooking:
- tomato ketchup instead of  tomato sauce
- Anat pizza bases instead of making them from scratch
- Pre-mix potato bake. Just add milk and potatoes
- Woolies Malva pudding and fresh custard. Nom nom.

Here's my delicious take on a classic and the quickie version.

Sauce Mornay (proper white sauce)
I learnt this technique at cooking class


50g melted butter
60g cake flour
400 ml - 500 ml warm full cream milk
Salt and pepper to taste


1. Add flour gradually to melted butted, using a beating and mashing motion, over low heat for approximately 2 minutes.

2. If it has lost it's raw flour taste than it's is done. Be careful not to brown the mixture.

3. Gradually add milk. Beating, scraping and mashing with a wooden spoon. Ensuring that the milk is well incorporated before the next addition. Remove from heat when thickened to desired consistency. 

4. Add the seasoning to taste.

White Sauce (Cheat Version)

50g melted butter
50g cake flour 
400ml - 500ml warm full cream milk
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Add flour gradually to melted butter and whisk while doing so over low heat

2. Gradually add milk while whisking all the while, over medium heat. Remove from heat when thickened to desired consistency. 

3. Add salt ad pepper to taste


Cheese sauce - Stir in 50g grated cheese till dissolved
Garlic sauce - add one finally chopped clove of garlic
Lemon butter sauce - Return to heat and add 2 tablespoons butter and whisk vigorously. Do not stop whisking when you add the juice of one lemon. Stop whisking only when it is all combined.

What are your favourite variations?


  1. I do lotsa black pepper yummmmmmy

    1. nom nom. Try the gourmet version. it takes longer, but it tastes like you've used fresh fresh cream